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Psychological & PsychoeducationalEvaluation

Psychological and Psychoeducational Evaluations

Licensed psychologists at The Behavioral Institute of Atlanta provide evaluations for individuals of all ages. Evaluations are typically requested for diagnostic purposes, educational or treatment planning, custody disputes, or to satisfy requirements for accommodations in educational settings or for state Medicaid or disability services.


Individual evaluations for school-aged children, adolescents, and adults typically require 9 to 15 hours of professional time and are individualized to each case. They may include any of the following, depending on what is needed:​

  • Clinical interview with client and/or parents (if client is a minor)

  • Review of medical and educational records

  • Standardized testing (typically two to three sessions of two to three hours each):

    • intelligence (IQ), including verbal, nonverbal, spatial, memory, and/or processing speed

    • academic achievement, including reading, math, spelling, and writing

    • additional cognitive processes (attention, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, etc.)

    • adaptive functioning / self-help skills (primarily for developmental disabilities)

    • emotional and behavioral functioning

    • personality

  • Behavior ratings by parents and/or teachers

  • Scoring and interpretation of standardized tests and rating scales

  • Final results conference with client and/or parents

  • Individualized written report with all test results, diagnoses, and recommendations (usually 15-20 pages)

These comprehensive evaluations are billed as a flat fee service. However, some of our psychologists also provide developmental evaluations for young children that require less time and testing. There are also other circumstances when only brief or limited testing is required. These services are typically billed hourly.

While many parents seek private evaluations for their children, our evaluations can also sometimes be done as a part of the "Independent Educational Evaluation" or IEE process for special education in the public schools. If your child has had a previous psychoeducational evaluation through a public school system, and you disagree with the findings or have concerns about their testing process or conclusions, you may request an IEE to provide a second opinion. In these cases, the school system will pay the full fee for your child to have an evaluation with one of our psychologists. Both the parents and the school system will be provided with a copy of the report at the end of the evaluation.

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